Tayna Batteries Swiss Challenge – Day 4


Date 13/05/18
Type Cycle
Start Point Wangen an der Aare
End Point Kloten
Distance (KM) 113.5
Distance Overall (KM) 348.7
Time Taken 06:01:00
Time Taken Overall 23:11:18

Day 4 picked up from Wangen an der Aare for the penultimate day of cycling. The days ride was in perfect conditions. It was cool and cloudy as opposed to the previous couple of days of heat.

The conditions were so good that the team decided to extend the days ride to make the final day more manageable. As ride moved from the French speaking region to the German speaking region, the scenery went from stunning lakes and quaint villages to large industrial estates and thick forests.

While the ride wasn’t as interesting as previous days, the pace was high. Even after hundreds of kilometers of riding, the bikes were still working well and none of the riders had any major issues.

With only a short ride to go on the final day, it was decided that the canoeing would be done the same day and the challenge would be completed a day earlier.


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