Tayna Batteries Swiss Challenge – Day 3


Date 12/05/18
Type Cycle
Start Point Estavayer-le-Vac
End Point Wangen an der Aare
Distance (KM) 94.5
Distance Overall (KM) 235.2
Time Taken 05:04:09
Time Taken Overall 17:10:18

Day 3 began in the centre of Estavayer-le-Vac, a quiet town by the shore of Lake Neuchatel. The first half or so of the days ride was alongside the lake, while stopping in Portalban and Cudrefin.

As the day went on the temperature kept increasing and reached 28 degrees with no cloud cover making the ride considerably more difficult. The ride continued along lake Biel for a while before heading into a more rural region with some hilly sections.

The last section of the ride was through large open fields heading into the region of Solothurn. The rough gravel tracks also added to the difficulty and became more frequent as the day went on. The end of the day’s ride was reached after 95km in Wangen an der Aare.

The hotel for the night was Gasthof National Langendorf who very kindly offered the team a free 3 course meal as a donation. The food was excellent and greatly appreciated.


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