Tayna Batteries Swiss Challenge – Days 1 & 2


Date 10/05/18
Type Hike
Start Point French Border
End Point Geneva
Distance (KM) 24.6
Distance Overall (KM) 24.6
Time Taken 05:57:19
Time Taken Overall 05:57:19

The challenge started at around 06:30 with a 25km hike from the France/Switzerland border into Geneva. After months of training Sam, Jo and Gary began the hike in heavy rain across fields and through dense woodland before heading towards the city.

The hike lasted almost 6 hours and had a total elevation of nearly 500m! It followed along the Rhone river which flows from the Swiss Alps all the way into Lake Geneva. As a contrast to the quiet and rural start of the hike, the end was right in the centre of an extremely busy Geneva.



Date 11/05/18
Type Cycle
Start Point Geneva
End Point Estavayer-le-Vac
Distance (KM) 116.1
Distance Overall (KM) 140.7
Time Taken 06:08:50
Time Taken Overall 12:06:09

Day two picked up from where day one ended in Geneva, on a much brighter and warmer day. The first leg was a short ride out of the city to neighboring town Versoix for a quick check on the bikes followed by an hour and a half ride along the busy main road called to a town called Rolle. Rolle is very picturesque and sits right on Lake Geneva, North of Nyon.

Heading out of Rolle, the next part of the ride was through much more rural areas with incredible backdrops and increasingly good weather. After a quick bite to eat on the outskirts of a small and quaint village called Bavois, it was onto the original end point of the ride in Yverdon-les-Bains which is next to the stunning Lac de Neuchatel.

After taking in the views of the lake and surrounding areas, the team decided to make the most of the nice weather and extend the days ride approximately 25km along the edge of the lake. This meant that day two’s endpoint was now Estavayer-le-Lac. Another nice lakeside town with great views and an impressive chateau.



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