Second Canoe Training Session – In the Bitter Cold!

As the forecasters were predicting temperatures around 0° on Saturday, naturally we expected our training session to be cancelled… however our trainer David had other ideas!

We battled through treacherous weather conditions in snowy, blizzard style winds to learn a new stroke (J Stroke, since you ask) but due to these terrible conditions, we weren’t able to perform capsize drills. David taught us the theory, and we guess that we’ll have to take that on board should the worst happen on the day.

We really can’t recommend David at Boulder Adventures Lanberis enough – he went above and beyond in giving us his free time to help us hapless chaps in our daft quest, in order to raise some money for an amazing charity.

You can visit their website by clicking here:

To read more about the Swiss trip please click here:

Please consider donating to this great cause through the Virgin Giving page which you can find by clicking the button below:


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