OSRAM and BOSCH Bulbs Now in Stock!

OSRAM Automotive Bulbs – As a global leader in optical solutions, OSRAM offers a unique product portfolio and has the most innovative first class technology for sensing, illuminating and visualisation for homes, businesses, worksites and especially in the automotive market worldwide.

  • Safety aspect: signs, obstacles and hazards can be recognised sooner therefore reaction time is sooner
  • Allows for more spread-out light for better visibility
  • Premium quality made
  • Original Spare Part Quality that exceeds all ECE minimum standards

  • An impressive lifespan up to four times longer compared to standard halogen lamps and last up to 100,000 km
  • The brands favourite when it comes to durability lasting lifetime use

  • As standard, a distinctive cool white light, which gives a modern look
  • Providing faster signals and thus enable drivers behind you to react faster
  • Long lifetime and high energy efficiency compared to conventional lamps

  • A Hyper white halogen light for LED look and high colour temperatures of up to 5,500 K
  • This range do not have ECE approval. This means they must not be used on public roads in any exterior application.
  • Perfect for motorsports, off-road vehicles

  • Original reliable OEM performance for standard requirements
  • Robust and cost-effective
  • Successfully used in millions of new cars from renowned manufacturers, whether as standard initial equipment or original spare parts.

  • The brightest halogen motorcycle light from OSRAM
  • With up to 110% more light, a light beam up to 40 meters longer, and up to 20% whiter light compared to standard halogen lamps
  • With vibration resistant technology


  • To always have the right spare bulbs to hand
  • Complete set of replacement bulbs in proven OEM quality
  • Clear labelling and illustrated instructions for quick use and installation




Bosch Automotive Bulbs – Bosch Group are one of the leading Automotive battery manufacturer and aftermarket parts companies in the world and have been delivering quality German engineering in the automotive industry for more than 100 years! Bosch is a world renown company name that have and still are leading the way for many technological innovations. The automotive spare parts available from Bosch impress through their quality, reliability and innovative technology.

Original Quality

  • Direct replacement bulbs manufactured to OEM quality
  • Cost-effective, robust and Bosch assured quality performance
  • Solid and reliable, for all your vehicles needs
  • Standard replacements for headlights, rear lights, side lamps and interior applications

  • Up to 3 times longer service life than your standard bulbs
  • Ideal for high mileage driving due to their robust technology
  • ECE certified

  • Up to 120% more brightness than standard bulbs
  • Longer light beam thus obstacles and other hazards are detected earlier, giving the driver more time to react
  • Better performance and visibility for a more comfortable night driving experience
  • ECE approved
Plus 50 • Plus 90

  • Plus 50 – Up to 50% more light on the road, with up to 25m further throw in beam distance
  • For enhanced light performance and reach on the road
  • ECE certified
  • Plus 90 – Up to 90% more light on the road, with up to 35m further throw in beam distance
  • With blue-ring coat for enhanced light colour and whiteness
  • For maximum light performance and reach on the road
  • ECE certified
Minibox • Maxibox Kits

  • Bundle pack of multiple bulb applications with fuses for fast and hassle-free replacement
  • Emergency spares for urgent road situations
  • Small and handy, good for easy
    storage in glove compartments


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