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Platinum Motorcycle Batteries!

Your choice of battery will be determined by the type of bike you ride, as well as the type of rider you are.  At Tayna Batteries, we have a comprehensive range of Platinum Conventional and AGM batteries that offer a choice of power and service life to suit any bike!

Conventional WET Battery
Engineered to meet the everyday demands of today’s motorcycling enthusiast, the Platinum Conventional Motorcycle Battery range provides quality, power and durability. The multi-application feature means you can be sure there is a Platinum battery to suit you.

Benefits include:
Superior cast grid plate design
Vibration resistant and improved conductivity for greater starting performance

The platinum brand name
Is synonymous with premium quality and the very best performance. 

Through partition intercell connectors
For increased starting power!

Improved Active Material
For an extended Service life

Thicker pasted plate design
For improved performance and vibration resistance.

Platinum AGM Motorcycle Batteries
Manufactured to cope with constant discharge and recharge, the Platinum AGM Motorcycle battery range are truly durable batteries. Electrolyte is absorbed in to the glass mat separators, enabling you to fit the battery in any orientation as it’s 100% spill and leak proof. This makes the range ideal for the most demanding of applications.

Benefits include:
Factory Activated Product
Charged, ready to install and ride!

The platinum brand name
Is synonymous with premium quality and the very best performance. 

AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) Technology
Provides longer service life through increased charge and discharge compatibility

Absorbed Glass Mat Separator
Maximum vibration resistance. 100% sealed for multiple fitting orientations

Lead Calcium Grid Alloy
For a greater star and longer life

Vent with Flame Arrestor
A built in safety system to prevent an explosion from an external spark.

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