VAT Exemption on Mobility Batteries 15

VAT Exemption on Mobility Batteries
Many battery retailers offer batteries for disabled customers VAT free (well officially zero rated for VAT, which is pretty much the same thing to the layman). In our eyes, it’s a great scheme as it seems only fair that those of us burdened with a disability over which we have no control should not have ...

Settling in at our new home! 2

After a large amount of planning, headaches and bitten nails we can confirm that we’ve now finally settled in to our new premises! Our new home is on the former Bromborough Paints site on High Street, just a few hundred yards from our old place in the centre of Abergele, North Wales. We sadly had ...


Want to know what the inside of your new CTEK charger looks like and how it works? Well, we just stumbled across the following teardown on a forum that we thought may be of interest!

Video Battery Testing Trialled 1

Video Battery Testing Trialled
Batteries rarely fail and so we have very few batteries returned to us for warranty testing. However, about half of the batteries returned to us for testing pass all tests with flying colours, and the problem lies elsewhere. When you have electrical issues it’s always easy to blame the battery as the ultimate cause of ...