We stock so many options when it comes to Marine and Leisure batteries.
Top brands at the best prices!

We at Tayna know how important it is to have that reliability and quality at the best prices when powering beloved leisure vehicles, traveling homes and hobby craft. We have a huge range to cover every market application and a customer service team to support when needed, from sales to after sales care.


Your leisure battery is the heart of your home-from-home’s electrical system. The battery powers everything from your simple lighting to your fridge freezer or even a motor mover.
See our range for leisure batteries:

When it comes to Marine Batteries you want tough, reliable and the best specs.  We stock all the professional and enthusiasts top brands here at Tayna Batteries. Marine batteries are completely different to standard leisure batteries, they are specially designed for the tough conditions of salt and fresh open water, so you want quality! See our range for Marine batteries:


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