Shido Lithium Motorcycle Batteries Launch

We’ve been asked about lithium (also known as LiFePO4) motorcycle batteries for the last few years, but have so far had to disappoint customers due to the poor quality lithium bike batteries available, other than of course the top quality, and hence relatively pricey Super-B batteries that we’ve stocked for a few years.

After testing of yet another supposedly great range of Lithium bike batteries (we have tested scores of these over the last 3 years) we were amazed to find the new range of Shido Lithium Motorcycle Batteries to more than beat our expectations. These batteries are the first that we’ve tested to feel absolute quality from the moment you touch the box to the moment you remove the battery from the packaging.

Our rigorous testing really puts prospective new ranges through a series of deep discharge and high drain challenges in order to verify manufacturers’ claims and the Shido batteries passed all of our tests with flying colours.

The benefit of Lithium Bike Batteries is the huge weight saving; having been in the battery industry for many years, we’re still amazed every time we pick one of these up with how damned light they are!

Why not browse the full range of Shido Lightweight Lithium Bike Batteries?

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  1. Andy T
    July 21, 2017

    Yes I too was suprised with how light lithium batteries are compared with not only lead/acid but also alkaline primary cells (AA etc).
    Why not update your battery specs on the website to include the weight as well as size of your batteries?

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