Tayna Goes Green! ♻️ ♻️ ♻️

If you’ve ordered from us previously, you’ll know how much care and effort goes into packaging our products with extreme care.

In the case of very large and heavy batteries we have no choice other than to use some environmentally non-friendly materials such as LDPE polystyrene. Although this is less than perfect for the environment, it is the only material that we’ve found to offer sufficient protection for heavy batteries filled with electrolyte. You will find that most local government recycling centres will recycle this (our local centre supplies us on occasion!).

However, for lighter products we’ve often trialled various materials in the search of a cost-viable material offering good protection. We’ve tried everything from shredded paper to egg boxes (which until recently were our material of choice).

We now have developed a solution that is both environmentally friendly and extremely cost effective – shredded cardboard! As a business, we produce a lot of cardboard waste which for years we have paid to have removed from site. Now, this was being recycled; but we now recycle it here instead. The machine that we’ve invested in creates a shredded cardboard matting which is easy to pack with, easy to dispose of (recycle!) and extremely environmentally friendly!

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