Banner Batteries Now Stocked!

After many customer requests, we are pleased to announce that we now stock the wide range of Banner Car Batteries and Banner Leisure Batteries.

As we were the original online battery distributor, pioneering the (much copied) format, Banner have made us their chosen online partner. They recognised the exposure that we are able to provide to their excellent range of batteries, making us the perfect candidate.

We stock the proven Banner AGM car batteries and the Banner wet flooded cell maintenance free car batteries. We stock the wide range of Banner Leisure Batteries too.

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  1. Andy
    November 14, 2011

    sounds like this is a good partnership. Banner Batteries are a quality product. Banner have been making bateries since the 1930’s. They know their stuff. Banner batteries are O.E equipment on 1000’s of brand new cars like vw’s, mercedes amd many more.

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